Capability Statement Kit

Capability Statement Examples: A Guide to Essential Content

There’s no doubt, differentiating yourself in the highly competitive business environment is imperative. One powerful tool to distinguish your company for competitors is a capability statement. This document serves as a professional resume for your business, showcasing your strengths and qualifications to potential clients and partners. We find a lot of people will start by searching for capability statement examples. While examples are great, each capability statement is different because it needs to be based on your individual business, your potential clients and how you “solve their problem”. We should know, we’ve written hundreds of capability statements, helping to secure multi-million-dollar contracts in the process. So, we’ve written this post to help you get started in creating a winning capability statement.

Let’s Go Beyond Capability Statement Examples

Below, we detail the essential sections to include in a capability statement, ensuring that yours is both comprehensive and compelling. Naturally, the content for your capability statement will be based on your own business, your clients and potential clients – and what they seek from you, so feel free to delete any section that isn’t relevant. Hint: The first 7 topics are included in pretty much every capability statement.

  1. Business Overview / Executive Summary

The business overview section is the opening pitch of your capability statement. It should succinctly introduce your company, outlining its history, size, location and primary business areas. This section sets the scene for the detailed information that follows, providing a snapshot that helps contextualise the rest of the document. Bear in mind that some readers will only skim through your document beyond the first couple of sections, so make this section count! We suggest you write it last, as it should be a summary of the rest of the document.

  1. About Us – Mission, Vision, and Core Values

This is where you define what drives your company. Your mission statement should articulate the purpose of your business—why it exists. The vision statement outlines what you aim to achieve in the long term, setting out aspirational goals. Core values are the principles that guide your business’s internal conduct as well as its relationship with customers, partners, and the broader community. Together, these elements communicate the ethos of your company and its aspirations.

  1. What Sets Us Apart

Identify and articulate your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) here. This section should answer the question, “Why choose us?”, so you’ll need to highlight specific aspects of your business that distinguish you from your competitors. This could be your innovative service offerings, your quality workmanship or a guarantee your offer, superior customer service or a unique approach to projects. Providing clear differentiators is key to making your capability statement impactful.

  1. Services You Provide

Detail the full range of services your company offers because you never know what the reader may require. Be clear and concise, ensuring that potential clients can easily understand exactly what you do. If your business operates across several sectors or offers a wide range of services, consider using bullet points or subheadings to organise the information for easy reading.

  1. Skills and Capabilities

In this section, showcase the specific skills and operational capabilities of your company. Cover technological proficiencies, specialised methodologies, or operational strengths that enable you to deliver exceptional service. Citing specific technologies or innovative approaches can help underscore your expertise and help differentiate your business from your competitors.

  1. Qualifications and Training

Highlight the qualifications and specialised training your staff have received, focusing on those that are relevant to the services you offer. This could include professional certifications, licences or degrees that are relevant to your industry. These details enhance the credibility of your team and reassure clients of your professionalism and expertise.

  1. Track Record of Experience

Here, provide examples of projects that demonstrate successful outcomes. Use specific cases where your company has delivered notable value. Quantifiable results, such as project sizes, cost savings achieved for clients or time efficiency improvements, lend credibility and substantiate your claims of competence and success. The reader wants to see what outcomes you’ve achieved for others.

  1. Workplace Health and Safety

Explain your commitment to workplace health and safety. Detail any OHS certifications or standards your business adheres to. Demonstrating a proactive approach to safety not only complies with regulations but also shows a commitment to safeguarding your team, clients and members of the general public.

  1. Meet the Team

Introduce key team members, highlighting their roles, expertise and qualifications. Personalising your capability statement in this way can facilitate better connections with potential clients, presenting your business as relatable and trustworthy. We suggest you introduce the client-facing team members, but you don’t have to profile everyone on your team – it’s up to you.

  1. Environmental Management Policy

Discuss your business’s environmental policies and practices. Detailing your commitment to sustainable operations can significantly appeal to clients who prioritise environmental responsibility, especially on construction sites in sensitive locations.

  1. Quality Assurance

In this section, outline your quality assurance processes. Include any relevant ISO certifications or industry-specific quality standards your business adheres to. Quality assurance is crucial, as it reassures clients that your services meet high standards consistently.

  1. Professional Association Memberships

List any professional associations your business is part of. Membership in relevant industry bodies not only enhances credibility but can also indicate that your business is up to date with industry standards and practices.

  1. Client Testimonials

Client testimonials can be incredibly persuasive, so we recommend you include several from satisfied clients that speak about the quality of your work and the professionalism of your team. Usually 3-5 strong testimonials is sufficient. You can also provide a link to the testimonials or reviews on your website if you wish to. These endorsements can help potential clients feel more confident in choosing to work with you.

  1. Customer Service Philosophy

Finally, articulate your customer service philosophy. This should reflect how you engage with clients from the initial contact through to project completion and follow-up. A strong customer service philosophy can set you apart and make your company more appealing.

You need more than just capability statement examples. A well-crafted capability statement highlights your business’s strengths and credentials and equips potential clients with the essential information they need to confidently engage your services. Whether using a concise one-page summary for quick proposals or a detailed multi-page document for comprehensive bids, the right tools and expertise are crucial for making a strong first impression, positioning your business for success in competitive markets, and attracting new projects and growth opportunities.

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